If you have good intentions of teaching life skills and values to your kids but constantly run out of time or just don't know where to start, The House of Roots subscription is here for YOU.

When you subscribe to The House of Roots, you gain access to family friendly games and activities for all ages, right at your finger-tips! The best part is, while you’re having fun with your kids, you’re also learning important life skills together because every month is centered on a specific core value! 

On the first of every month, new activities are simply sent right to your inbox! Literally, all you have to do is print and enjoy! We take the worry, work and mom-guilt out of spending quality time with your kids. These interactive, engaging games and activities fit in between the cracks of your busy life! Most importantly, the core values learned will resonate with your kids and help them become contributing, self-sufficient, happy people! Your job as their mama just got a whole lot easier and more impactful! 

One day when those beautiful babies are grown and living their own lives, they will look back at these memories and thank you for being the hero that made daily efforts to teach them, love them and spend time with them.

Step up to the plate and let’s do this together! You are the mom they need. Join us here!

So worth it!

"There is so much great content! I love how versatile it is for different ages too. I can literally use it for each of my kids. I love the designs of everything and the activities to do with the family, really everything! For $6.99 it is SO worth it!"


Made my life so much easier!

"I always have intentions of doing meaningful things with my kids but the days are so scattered so if I don't have it planned out, it just doesn't happen. This gives me everything I need right at my finger-tips. I LOVE IT!"


This is replacing our TV subscription

We decided that this will replace our Disney+ subscription. I used to be a teacher and would create my own curriculum because they don't teach this in school. I love your mission with this! 


It's both fun and educational

This is one of the best, most inexpensive ways I've found to spend time with my family. It's both fun and educational and absolutely beautiful! So glad you guys exist!


Coming up in 2020!

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